I love the Summer

Ok so I know that sounds a little funny but I can not stand the winter and summer is finally here. This means not only am I going to be out making some great money this summer with the bug and rodents out and about, but I will also be able to just be myself out in the warm summer air.

As the owner of st george pest control services I love nothing more than waking up and getting outside for my morning run. But with that said the other day there was a just an annoying amount of cobwebs in the air as I was running. You know that feeling when they get on your face and it doesn’t matter if they are there or not you still think you feel them. Well that was what I was dealing with, lon story short I could not seem to get into the normal groove of things because of these dang things.

That’s when I started thinking what can be done about it, well after months and months of work I think we have finally figured it.

St George Utah Pest Control

So what do you think? Pest Control St George Area

See the man not the bug!